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052 - BirdWorld

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London/Oslo-based duo BirdWorld is a musical partnership between Gregor Riddell and Adam Teixeira. In SVS 052, they explore an array of global influences thread together by a curiosity for music and magic. Featuring works by Ellen Andrea Wang, Jonathan Harvey, Karriem Riggins, Super Silent, Ahmed Jan Thirakwa as well as their own compositions, this mix is on the eve of their SVS hosted Cafe Oto "Solstice" performance on 21 December.

Sergei Prokofiev - Extract from Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67; Philharmonia/Wilfred Pickles
Jonathan Harvey - Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco Extract
Plaid - Even Spring (opening) 
Flying Lotus - Bonus Beat (w/Led Zep overdub) 
Allah-Las - Long Journey
グッド・ナイト - 青江 三奈 (extract from car radio in Banff) 
Gregor Riddell - Fireplace Outro (feat. Torun Stavseng) 
Bob Dylan + The Band - Quinn the Eskimo
Mount Kimbie - T.A.M.E.D
Salamalecun Malecunsala - Bata/rumba
Adam Teixeira - 5 Pattern 7
Rikard Nordraak (Helene Wold - sop; Eugen Asti - pn) - Spansk Sang (Led Zepplin chords at the end!) 
Chuck Berry (Live at the BBC) - South of the Border
Miriam Makeba - Pula Kgosi Seretse
Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas - Arthur
BirdWorld - Chimes
Sergei Prokofiev - Extract 2 from Peter and the Wolf
Slow White - D Rone
10CC - Worst Band In The World
Africa: Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music Mali - Tuareg Medicinal Chant
The Knife - Cherry on Top (Extract) 
BirdWorld - Warped Train
Ellen Andrea Wang - Diving
The Ink Spots - That Cat is High
The Ganja Kru + DJ Zinc - Super sharp shooter
Bel Ahmer - Salla Oua Nabina Mohammad
Little Eva - The Loco-Motion
Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band - Down River
Ellen Fulman - Dripping Music (w/Shreddar quote) 
Karreim Riggins - Cheap Suite 2
Sergei Prokofiev - Extract 3 from Peter and the Wolf
James Holden/Camilo Tirado - Outdoor Museum of Fractals
Ahmed Jan Thirakwa - Jhaptal
Gregor Riddell - Intro to Their Scintillant Blades (feat. Torun Stavseng) 
James Jamerson - Bernadette (Bassline)
Henry Manicini and His Orchestra - Lujon
Crystal Castles - Magic Spells
Supersilent - 13.7
Anton Karas - The Third Man Theme

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