6:00 PM18:00

075 - Resistance - 52°N


In 52°N's 7th SVS instalment, Katharina features predominantly female nordic artists exploring warped and murky musical territories spanning punk, ambient electronic and alternative including tracks from Tappi Tíkarrass, Sigríður Níelsdóttir, Unpaid Intern, and Jenny Hval.

Declare Independence by Björk
High On Rebellion by Patti Smith
Hrollur by Tappi Tíkarrass
Untamed Region by Jenny Hval
Survival Techniques, Pt. I & II by Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft
Dagdraumar by Sigríður Níelsdóttir
How to Catch the Right Thought by Hildur Guðnadóttir, B. J. Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa
Survival Techniques, Pt. III by Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft
Steintorplatz (Hamburg, Germany) by Unpaid Intern
The Ministry of Social Affairs by PJ Harvey
The Times They Are A-Changing by Nina Simone
Paths of Victory by Odetta
My Generation by Patti Smith

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6:00 PM18:00

074 - Ivar Myrset Asheim


In SVS 074, Oslo-based drummer and member of exciting new super skilled space jazz group 'Billy Meier', Ivar Myrset Asheim takes us on a journey through inventive, other-worldly and psychedelic jazz on the eve of their 14th June performance at MIR. Including music by The Young Mothers, Espen Reinertsen, Miles Davis as well as Ivar's original projects Billy Meier and Pangpang.

The Truth by Billy Meier
Eduardo's Tears by Billy Meier
The Journey by Billy Meier
Erra Nightclub by Billy Meier
Tilpasninger hos prestekrage by Espen Reinertsen
Mole by The Young Mothers
Distant Lands by Trond Kallevåg Hansen Trio
In stars (part 1) by Trond Kallevåg Hansen Trio
Impro 1 by Trond Kallevåg Hansen Trio
Muggen Loop by Skadedyr
Domino Gold by Nils Berg
Casu Marzu by Pangpang
Osim by Pangpang
Mexican Standoff by Pangpang
Evening Song by Jakob Bro
Little Church by Miles Davis

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8:30 PM20:30

073 - Sara Övinge


In SVS 073, Swedish violinist Sara Övinge conjures up magic with a vibrant mix of modern composition and experimental tracks - essential late night listening. Including works from Øyvind Mathisen, Mette Henriette, Yann Tiersen and many more.

Sur le fil (Live) by Yann Tiersen
Invierno Porteno by Astor Piazzolla with Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica
Late à la carte by Mette Henriette
The cave of rebirth by Tigran Hamasyan
Amsterdam by Simon Övinge
Àgua e vinho by Egberto Gismonti
Different trains: III. After the war by Steve Reich with the Kronos quartet
Blank #1 by Øyvind Mathisen
Surrender by Øyvind Mathisen
Suite no.3 1st movement by Kurt Atterberg with Bjarte Engeseth, Henning Kraggerud, and Dalasinfoniettan
...Da un divertimento: II Veloce by by Salvatore Sciarrino with Ensemble Ernst
Quartet for the end of time: Praise to the immortality of Jesus by Olivier Messiaen with Chamber Music Northwest

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11:00 AM11:00

072 - Nina Mortvedt/Band of Gold


In this aptly summery SVS mix (072), singer/composer/improviser Nina Mortvedt blends the worlds of guitar driven Americana-infused indie rock alongside synth-pop, an emblematic Norwegian choral work as well as her own group Band of Gold. Featuring music by Susanne Sundfør, Edvard Grieg, Dungen, Wilco and more.

Truth by Alexander
Slowly by Susanne Sundfør
Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny
Take Me With U by Prince
If I had a Tail by Queens of the Stone Age
Jesus, etc by Wilco
Du E För Fin För Mig by Dungen
I could spot you at a hundred miles by Band of Gold
Where's the Magic by Band of Gold
Well who am I by Band of Gold
Våren by Edvard Grieg (sung by Sølvguttene)
Nighcall by Kavinsky
Martha by Tom Waits
Saturday Sun by Nick Drake

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8:30 AM08:30

071 - Sanskriti Shrestha

San pic.jpg

Oslo-based Nepalese tabla virtuoso Sanskriti Shrestha presents a rousing span of musical influences in SVS 071 weaving between traditional Hindustani classical music, contemporary jazz, Xenakis' percussion masterpiece Pléiades and more.

Bayu Bayu by Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Ensemble
Chimeru/Luchini by Steve Lehman Octet
Sheher dar Sheher by Hariharan, Zakir Hussain
Bhawani Dayani (Bhairavi) by Parveen Sultana
Pléiades - 3. Mélanges by Iannis Xenakis
Sonoata 1.X.1905 - 2. Smrt (the Death) by Leoš Janáček (András Schiff, pn)
Asta Mongal (Tabla Solo) by Swapan Chaudhary
Raga Chandranandan by Ali Akbar Khan and Mahapurush Misra

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8:00 PM20:00

070 - Nils Henrik Asheim

OSLO-COLOUR-WOLFJAMES web(46 of 203).jpg

In SVS 070, Nils Henrik Asheim takes us deep into the sound universe of the organ. Creating motion via slowly evolving musical structures, he creates a constant state of fluctuation in these improvisations performed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and France from 2003 to 2015.

St Petri Stavanger 11/09/12 by Nils Henrik Asheim
Fagerborg Oslo 11/11/11 by Nils Henrik Asheim
Oslo Cathedral 08/01/15 by Nils Henrik Asheim
Mariakirken Århus 03/12/10 by Nils Henrik Asheim
St Esprit Paris 04/10/15 by Nils Henrik Asheim
Ørgryte Gothenburg 20/03/03 by Nils Henrik Asheim

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10:30 AM10:30

069 - Adrian Fiskum Myhr


In SVS 069, versatile Oslo-based upright/electric bass player Adrian Fiskum Myhr presents a spectrum of music spanning modern jazz, alternative, world and experimental contemporary classical as well as some of his own projects Torg and Oker; the latter of which launches their debut record on SOFA at Diechman/Grünerløkka on 10 May.

Ekvator by Oker
Con Moto by Fenêtre Ovale
It by Simiskina
Chapter 2 by Booklet
Palms, Beaches, Dreams by Torg
Wheels above rails by Tatsuya Nakatani & Michel Doneda
Ruf Zu Mir by Martin Küchen
Début by Platform
Charukeshi by Shiv Kumar Sharma

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8:00 PM20:00

068 - Snertingdal Records

In SVS 068, Snertingdal Records founder Stian Finstad Svehagen presents a heady mix of music spanning 50 years derived entirely from Norway and Sweden. Featuring artists including Motorpsycho, Euroboys, Dungen and The South.

Sweet Leaf (coughing intro) by Black Sabbath
Champagne Of Course by Min Bul
Stockholm by Euroboys
Let Me Ride by Dig Deeper
Sommarlåten by International Harvester
På Stiklestad by Undertakers Circus
Å møte en gammel kjenning noen år senere by Jan Erik Vold (with Jan Garbarek Quartet)
The Maypole by Motorpsycho
Sista Gästen by Dungen
Spoken dialogue from a scene in the movie by Lasse & Geir (movie)
Jag är lite ledsen ikväll by Contact
Robert Reverie (single edit) by Needlepoint
The Further Inside You Go... by The South
Spoken dialogue from a scene in the tv-series by Fleksnes (TV series)

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10:00 AM10:00

067 - Kit Downes #2


Kit Downes joins us again in SVS 067, this time weaving between dreamy folk-infused song, groove, minimalist guitar soundscapes and more; featuring artists including Stian Westerhus, Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad, Frans Petter Eldh and Ruth Goller.

This is a Man by Robert Stillman
Instagram Drumming by Sean Carpio
Three by Ruth Goller
How Long by Stian Westerhus
Amok by Frans Petter Eldh
The Resistance by Gard Nilssen
Br2 by Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad
House of Strange by Tom Challenger
Appleby by Chris Montague (feat. James Maddren)
Fast Gold Butterflies by Matt Wright


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6:30 PM18:30

066 - Tonje Tafjord #3


Avind's Tonje Tafjord returns with a bright and kinetic mix of guitar-led tracks. Featuring music by Misty Coast, Mokri, Avind, Utakk, and many more.

Funny world by Misty Coast
Into the night by Death by unga bunga
Erasure by Superchunck (feat. Waxahatchee & Stephin Merritt)
The doctor by Pelicat
The body that beats by Mokri
Hat by Modern love
There's a light by Jonathan Wilson
Du kan bruke mørket innafrå til lys by Avind
Doktor natur by Utakk
Tabula rasa by Lucy Swann
Weston FTW by Ben leiper
Un dia regalado by S.L.Y.C.
Sunshiner by Closing eyes
Losing you by Boy Pablo
Wildwind  by Young dreams

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6:00 PM18:00

065 - Kosekrølla - "Love the Plant in Winter"

Star and moon.png

In SVS 065, co-founder Gregor Riddell/Kosekrølla invites the change of season at the end of a long and cold Norwegian winter presenting hazy, psychedelic nostalgia alongside dexterous rhythm, ambient warmth and more; including music by Eplemøya Songlag, Matthias Puech, Talaboman, Charlotte Dos Santos among others, as well as his own projects BirdWorld and 1816.

Cypresses, B. 152: When Thy Sweet Glances (perf. by Vlach Quartet) by Antonín Dvořák
Ancient Campfire (w/Steven Hawking, Gregor and Marc overdubs) by Biosphere
"Behold! King Stephan’s castle…” from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Huldresong by Eplemøya Songlag
Cool, Cool Water by The Beach Boys
Svífa by BirdWorld
Winter by Matthias Puech
Sailors by 1816
As I Went Out One Morning by Bob Dylan
Lässig by BirdWorld
Six Million Ways by Talaboman
Corner Pushed by The Eternals
12 Mikroludien Für Streichquartett Op. 13 mvts 6 and 7 by György Kurtág
PAPAT4 by Aphex Twin
Life is Just a bowl of Cherries by Rudy Vallée
Scars excerpt by 1816
Good Signs by Charlotte Dos Santos
After Rain by BirdWorld
After the Rain from Taxi Driver by Bernard Hermann
Ogive (w/Arthur C. Clarke quote overdub) by William Orbit
Let It Happen by Jon Bap
Who Loves the Sun excerpt by The Velvet Underground
Like Spinning Plates by Radiohead
Fisherman’s Camp Pt. 1 by Owiny Sigoma Band
Can’t seem to make you mine by The Seeds
Fall Out by Mount Kimbie
Fey by The Creole Choir of Cuba
Random Feathers Part I by Jo Thomas
My Own Home from Disney’s The Jungle Book by Richard M. Sherman

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6:30 PM18:30

064 - Nana Rashid

OSLO-COLOUR-WOLFJAMESweb (198 of 203).jpg

For SVS 064, Danish Jazz singer Nana Rashid graces us with a gripping and smoky set. Including tracks by Arve Henriksen, Petter Rylén, and Nana herself.

Lament by Tigran Hamasyan
Your Freedom Is The End Of by Me Melanie De Biasio
Opening Image by Arve Henriksen
Four Women by Nana Rashid
A Place Far Away by Matthew Halsall And The Gondwana Orchestra
Jamil by Spacelab Hess/AC/Hess
Smile by Nana Rashid
Alien by Somi
Tell me by Rohey
Nr 5 by  Petter Rylén

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7:00 PM19:00

063 - 52°N - For the Birds

OSLO-BW-WOLFJAMES (197 of 223).jpg

52°N gives us a graceful hourlong exploration of how birds have captured our musical imagination in her latest SVS mix. Featuring tracks by Rickard Jäverling, Dwayne Sodahberk, Esbjörn Svensson, and Katharina's own field recordings.

Field Recording by Katharina Schmidt
Up with the Birds by Holly Throsby
Birds by Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft
Little Bird by Lisa Hannigan
A Song for the Cranes by Peter Broderick
I Find Geese by A Seated Craft
Field Recording by Katharina Schmidt
Cormorant Bird by Fionn Regan
You Swan, Go On by Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron & Fred Squire
Heavenly Birds Pt. 3 by Rickard Jäverling
Turkeys by Long Beard
Bird Bones by Dwayne Sodahberk
Dodge the Dodo by Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Field Recording by Katharina Schmidt
Dirty Bird by East Brunswick All Girls Choir
A Cast of Hawks (I) by Fred Frith & Evelyn Glennie
The Peacock by Connie Converse
A Cast of Hawks (II) by Fred Frith & Evelyn Glennie
Field Recording by Katharina Schmidt
The Birds Endtitles by Oskar Sala

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6:30 PM18:30

062 - Borderlands w/Rob Lewis

ICELAND (69 of 327)web.jpg

SVS Co-Founder Rob Lewis explores the ambiguous and rarely explored regions between moods, genres and textures in this week's richly cinematic mix. Including tracks from Norin, Bjørn Hatterud, Internazionale, Vladislav Delay and more.

Ktyring by S Olbricht
Ravishing Kitana by Evitceles
Kent Country Train by Biosphere
High End Smalls by Pinkcourtesyphone
Side A by Norin
Lili Elbe by Bjørn Hatterud
Interbellum 1922 by Florian von Ameln
The Words Are Just Sounds by Patricia
Protection Glass (Love Is The Cure) by Internazionale
Presence Of Light by Cremation Lily
Ultramarin by Michiru Aoyama
Viite by Vladislav Delay
A Man On Whom The Sun Has Come Down by Hainbach

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7:30 PM19:30

061 - Bendik Bjørnstad Foss

ICELAND (54 of 327) web.jpg

Bendik Bjørnstad Foss delivers a genre-hopping deep exploration into sound and texture in SVS 061, featuring tracks by asamisimasa, Mette Henriette and many more.

Kinna Sohna Tainu by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Ai limiti della notte by Salvatore Sciarrino perf. by Anna Spina
Wolf Studies by Øyvind Torvund perf. by asamisimasa
Pink Eye (On My Leg) by Ween
Saariaho - 6 Japanese Gardens: No 1. by --- & Florent Jodelet
Four Aspects by Daphne Oram
A New Career In a New Town by David Bowie
Wind on Rocks by Mette Henriette
Shipbuilding by Robert Wyatt
Mind Ecology by Shakti

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4:00 PM16:00

060 - Olefonken & Broder Ibrahim (Snorkel Records)


In our 60th mix, SVS Radio proudly presents Snorkel Records: a synthesis of two great friends; musician and producer Olefonken, and artist and fellow snorkeler, Broder Ibrahim. The Oslo-based label is dedicated to late night oceanic mythologies, antidotes to nihilism and the craft of making great music for snorkeling. On this special day for lovers, we also offer an exciting prize: the first person that can correctly name every track from this mix gets two free tickets to the next ***SVS London show***... good luck and happy listening!

While Drifting by The San Sebastian Strings
Paradia by Roland Bocquet
Air Dancer by Harry Case
Keys by Wally Badarou
Lichtung by Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn
Mild Maniac by Peter Patzer
Cyclus Part III by Klaus Schønning
Swahili by Nick Carr
Man on Cobo Bay by Walkie Talkies
Acqua by Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov
Dine Pene Øyne by Alle
Ivory by Bruno Ribera
Snorkelling by Matfield and the Pond

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8:00 PM20:00

059 - KGB

pic real.jpg

KGB is a new Oslo-based improvising trio made up of Karl Nyberg (saxophone), Gregor Riddell (cello) and Bernt Isak Wærstad (guitar/electronics). In SVS 059 they present three 15 minute mixes by each member spanning jazz, electronic, world and experimental music plus extracts of KGB performing live at the Vortex (London) and in the studio. Featuring tracks by Xavier, Gilles Peterson, Nervous Cop, Tim Hecker, Dawn of Midi and more.

Karl's mix
Invisible by Xavier Charles
Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston
Portfino by Raymond Scott
Side A by Mats Gustafsson
Rice Precipitation by Nervous Cop
Untitled 1 by Toshimaru Nakamura & Tetusy Akiyama
Massas in the Cold Cold Ground by Bill Orcutt

First Cut by KGB

Gregor's mix
Burntwood by Deathprod
New Time by Blackwood
Farewell Dolly by Esperanza Spalding
Harmony in Blue (Pt. 2) by Tim Hecker
O Que Você Sabe by Sonzeira/Gilles Peterson
Rainy Night by Sinn Sisamout
LCO film commission by BirdWorld
Great White Shark by Big Thief
Quadripoints/You Hedonic (extracts) by Lee Gamble
I’m putting all my eggs in one basket by The Boswell Sisters

Live at the Vortex (excerpt) by KGB

Bernt's mix
Io by Dawn of Midi
Batcat by Mogwai
Sinope by Dawn of Midi
Days of Rage by Salvatore
Atlas by Dawn of Midi
Ambasel by Trondheim World Music Ensemble

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9:30 PM21:30

058 - DJ 99 Guttorm Andreasen #2 - Flaky Martians Mix

OSLO-COLOUR-WOLFJAMESweb (88 of 203).jpg

DJ 99 aka Guttorm Andreasen returns for his second SVS outing with an absolute burner of a mix. Tracks by Dakar & Grinser, Thomas Urv and many many more.

Quarks Romping about in Water by Feldmaus
Weightless by JASSS
I Wanna be your Dog by Dakar & Grinser
Sånn Isbre by Thomas Urv
A very long time for Nothing Much to Happen by The Future Sound of Manglerud
What can a Song do to you? by The Unthanks
So it goes by Nick Lowe
Fabulous by Motorbass
Seamonkey by Moderat
Crystalline by IC3PEAK
A Forest (Mark Saunders Mix) by The Cure
The Weight by Jackie DeShannon

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7:00 PM19:00

057 - Erik Holm #3


In his 3rd mix for SVS, the inimitable Erik Holm delivers a silver-hued mix of jazz, folk, indie and more - perfect to warm up your mid-winter listening. Including tracks from Monica Heldal, Anna Ternheim, Hello Saferide and more.

Questions by Amanda Bergman
Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre
Cold by Nick Hakim
Been cheating by Nicolai Dunger
Merlin by Lars Gullin
Animal Skin by Joe Henry
Aberdeen by Jonas Alaska
Follow you anywhere by Monica Heldal
Even the darkness has arms by Barr Brothers
Sleepwalker by Julie Byrne
Downtown train by Torun Eriksen
Never in my wildest dreams by Dan Auerbach
St Judys Comet by Paul Simon
Goin´home by Dan Auarbach
Come fly with me by Anna Ternheim
Bloom by Edda Magnason
Talk me down by Willy Mason
Caramel by Suzanne Vega
Waiting by Alice Boman
Sailing by Stina Nordenstam
Lovesong #1 by Tussilago
Moments in love (7inch version) by Art of noise
John my beloved by Sufjan Stevens
Getting it wrong by Sparklehorse
I wonder who is like this one by Hello Saferide
California dreaming by Amason
Remorse code by Richard Hawley

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8:00 AM08:00

056 - 52°N - Kung Vinter


Aptly timed for mid-January, Katharina Schmidt's fifth 52°N instalment entitled 'Kung Vinter' presents music tied together by the theme of winter darkness. Featuring tracks from Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Sigríður Níelsdóttir, Sidsel Endresen, and more.

Strange Place for Snow by Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Illustrationer: Kong Vinter by Else Marie Pade
Horses in the Rain by Sidsel Endresen
Waiting in the Rain for Snow by Now Ensemble / David Crowell
Vorleysing by Sigríður Níelsdóttir aka Grandma Lo-Fi
The Night is Freezing Fast by Charlotte Mundy & Christopher Goddard / Connie Converse
Snowfall by Ahmad Jamal Trio
A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy’s Day. Being the Shortest Day by Ketil Bjørnstad, Randi Stene, Lars Anders Tomter
Ambre by Nils Frahm
Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen by Michael Praetorius, Hugo Distler, Jan Sandström
Elsku Litla Jesubarn by Sigríður Níelsdóttir aka Grandma Lo-Fi
Whiteout by [em]

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8:30 AM08:30

055 - Lucy Railton #2


For her second mix on SVS radio Lucy Railton puts together her favourites from the corners of electronic and acousmatic music, Icelandic House, French and Sicilian Folk and the unclassifiable.

extract from Levitation Praxis by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
extract from Live Double Seance by Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler
Waldfest by Stine Janvin Motland and Felicity Mangan - Native Instrument
Pinnevik by Lucy Railton
Les Larmes de l’inconnu (extract) by Beatriz Ferreyra
Moist Yatt by Klein
Novena di Natale by Traditional Sicilian Song
Black Bat (extract) by Hanna Hartman
Last of Catfishes by Mika Vainio
Tale From Farawaylands by Mika Vainio
Fifty-fifty Clown by Cocteau Twins
Lou Baylero by Sonia Malkine
She’s Just Playing (in Oslo) by Bjargey Olafsdottir and Ólafur Breiðfjörð - GLÓI

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6:30 PM18:30

054 - MASS #3

OSLO-BW-WOLFJAMES (120 of 223)web.jpg

In SVS 054 - our final mix of the year - Copenhagen's MASS Returns to take us on another genre-bending ride across the dancefloor. Happy holidays, everyone!

Loosefootby Blood Wine or Honey
Kid Aby Radiohead
The Forest Is Expecting You by Blood Wine or Honey
Pass Through The Fire by James Holden and The Animal Spirits
Vatnajökull by Chris Watson
Lordy by Low
Naturally Spineless by Minor Science
Hey Hey Can You Relate (Sunshine Dub Mix) by Dj Mink
Magma Dream. by Moiré
Coming Up by Paul McCartney
Untitled by Aphex Twin
Brand New Love by Matthew Herbert feat. Zilla
Stargaze by Bambooman
Crushed by Bambooman
Behind You Back by Shit and Shine
Martin Fröst and Norwegian Chamber Orchestra by Aaron Copland: Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra
Mazda In The Mist by To Rococo Rot And I Sound
Somewhere In Space by Demons
Underground Roots feat Ari Up by Subatomic Sound System, Lee “Scratch” Perry
The Young Ones by Blood Wine or Honey
Adventures in Success by Will Powers
Nlogax by Boards of Canada
Walk Out Gyal by The Heatwave feat Mr Lexx and Keida
Bazooka Riddim by Harmonic 313
Boom Yeah - Matthew Herberts Oh No Dub by Dave Aju
Delta by Mount Kimbie
Fullmoon by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Dala by Ayub Ogada

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12:00 PM12:00

053 - DJ 99 "Blåmann"


In his inaugural SVS mix, DJ 99 - aka Guttorm Andreasen - explores the dark territories of the Nordic winter whilst integrating minimal techno, ambient, alternative and Mauritanian folk music and much more.

Aomos VII by Winged Victory for the Sullen
Earth by Ishome
Hyper-Gamma-Spaces by The Alan Parsons Project
South London Boroughs by Burial
Stranger in the City (Pilooski edit) by John Miles
Night by John Carpenter
Klodsmajor by Trentmøller
Flyt by Signbørn Apeland
Studio E by JEX
Amino Acid by Claro Intelecto
Yarab by Malouma
Metal Beat by John Foxx
All Over Your Face by Ronnie Dyson
Fjordens Vei by Cemento
Dødelige Drifter by The Aller Værste
Come Out the Wilderness by The Como Mamas
List of Shipwrecks in 1984 by The Future Sound of Manglerud

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8:30 PM20:30

052 - BirdWorld

GREGOR (37 of 50).jpg

London/Oslo-based duo BirdWorld is a musical partnership between Gregor Riddell and Adam Teixeira. In SVS 052, they explore an array of global influences thread together by a curiosity for music and magic. Featuring works by Ellen Andrea Wang, Jonathan Harvey, Karriem Riggins, Super Silent, Ahmed Jan Thirakwa as well as their own compositions, this mix is on the eve of their SVS hosted Cafe Oto "Solstice" performance on 21 December.

Extract from Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67; Philharmonia/Wilfred Pickles by Sergei Prokofiev
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco Extract by Jonathan Harvey
Even Spring (opening) by Plaid
Bonus Beat (w/Led Zep overdub) by Flying Lotus
Long Journey by Allah-Las
青江 三奈 (extract from car radio in Banff) by グッド・ナイト
Fireplace Outro (feat. Torun Stavseng) by Gregor Riddell
Quinn the Eskimo by Bob Dylan + The Band
T.A.M.E.D by Mount Kimbie
Bata/rumba by Salamalecun Malecunsala
5 Pattern 7 by Adam Teixeira
Spansk Sang (Led Zepplin chords at the end!) by Rikard Nordraak (Helene Wold - sop; Eugen Asti - pn)
South of the Border by Chuck Berry (Live at the BBC)
Pula Kgosi Seretse by Miriam Makeba
Arthur by Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas
Chimes by BirdWorld
Extract 2 from Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev
D Rone by Slow White
Worst Band In The World by 10CC
Africa: Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music - Mali by Tuareg Medicinal Chant
Cherry on Top (Extract) by The Knife
Warped Train by BirdWorld
Diving by Ellen Andrea Wang
That Cat is High by The Ink Spots
Super sharp shooter by The Ganja Kru + DJ Zinc
Salla Oua Nabina Mohammad by Bel Ahmer
The Loco-Motion by Little Eva
Down River by Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band
Dripping Music (w/Shreddar quote) by Ellen Fulman
Cheap Suite 2 by Karreim Riggins
Extract 3 from Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev
Outdoor Museum of Fractals by James Holden/Camilo Tirado
Jhaptal by Ahmed Jan Thirakwa
Intro to Their Scintillant Blades (feat. Torun Stavseng) by Gregor Riddell
Bernadette Bassline by James Jamerson
Lujon by Henry Manicini and His Orchestra
Magic Spells by Crystal Castles
13.7 by Supersilent
The Third Man Theme by Anton Karas

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7:00 PM19:00

051 - Ole Morten Vågan


In SVS 051, Oslo-based bassist Ole Morten Vågan seamlessly journeys through a charged mix of musics including Animal Collective, Ligeti, Generation X, his own ensembles, among many others. Enjoy!

Lung and Lake by Cory Smythe
Communication #7 by Jazz Composers Orchestra
Fnugg by Espen Reinertsen
Gå Gå Gå by Maria Kannegaard
Fanfares by György Ligeti (pn: Pierre Laurent Aimard)
Brother Sport by Animal Collective
Do It by Chris McGregor´s Brotherhood Of Breath
Tudor Style by Håvard Wiik Trio
Curve9 by Generator X
Good Times by Henry Threadgill

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6:00 PM18:00

050 - 52°N - After Hours


Katharina Schmidt brings us another brilliant 52°N mix called 'After Hours' in which she ponders all the moments between twilight. Featuring tracks from Else Marie Pade, Anja Garbarek, and more.

Day Is Done by Nick Drake
Faust Suite: Rejsen til Bloksbjerg og Valborgsnat (I) by Else Marie Pade
My Moon My Man by Feist
Man In The Sky by Connie Converse
Moon by Björk
O Sleep by Lisa Hannigan
I’m Not Falling Asleep by Andy Shauf
Evening of Light by Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith feat. Patti Smith
Sleep by Anja Garbarek
Damn That New Body by Holly Throsby
Moon by This Is The Kit
Twinkle Twinkle by Long Beard
Faust Suite: Rejsen til Bloksbjerg og Valborgsnat (II) by Else Marie Pade
Natten (The Night) by Kjetil Bjørnstad, Randi Stene, Lars Anders Tomte
00:26 by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

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7:30 PM19:30

049 - Erik Holm #2


In Erik Holm's second mix for SVS Radio we explore the tight threads of soul, funk, disco and afrobeat across multiple continents featuring music by the Meters, Fela Kuti, Ahmad Jamal, Aretha Franklin among others.

Witchdoctor by Nascimbene
Everything I do gohn be funky (from now on) by Lee Dorsey
Big Chief by Professor Longhair
Big Chief by The Meters
Cross Talk by Francis Coppieters
Dance to the drummer's beat (Jim Burgess 12" mix) by Herman Kelly & Life
Got to give it up (pt 1) by Marvin Gaye
New Frontier by Donald Fagen
Pop, popcorn children by Eldridge Holmes
Second cut (re-edit) by James Clarke
Dueling Bongos by Incredible Bongo Band
Let There Be Drums by Incredible Bongo Band
Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal
Until You Come Back to Me by Aretha Franklin
Let's Start by Fela Kuti
Lomingo by Landani Galada, Toto Masimini
Djembe Dance by Audio Skyway
Sabar Senegal Dance by Rémy Chaudagne
Soul Makossa by Manu Dibango
Soul Makossa by Lafayette Afro Rock Band

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9:30 PM21:30

048 - Audun Ellingsen


In SVS 048, Norwegian bassist/composer Audun Ellingsen offers an insight into a breadth of alternative songwriting and innovative sound worlds including music by Susanne Sundfør, Björk, Polar Bear as well as original works from his ensembles Audun Automat and 1816.

INTERLUDE by Audun Automat
KALD KAFFE by Audun Automat
HOLY BLOOD:CYCLE&BLOOD by Wenche Losnegård/ Oslo 14 Vokalensemble
PRAYER by Atomic
TRUTH by Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft
PIANO CONCERTO NR 3 IN D MINOR by Rachmaninoff/Andsnes/LSO
SMILE by Rickie Lee Jones
MOON MAIDEN by Duke Ellington
TURKISH DELIGHT by Susanne Sundfør
SEXTET: V. CROTCHET = 192 by Steve Reich/LSO Percussion Ensemble

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6:00 PM18:00

047 - Auður

22550270_1131249557005560_3211671892072491630_o (1).jpg

Emerging Icelandic artist Auður joins for SVS 047, crafting a mix of bleeding-edge Icelandic music ahead of his upcoming performance at Iceland Airwaves. Featuring tracks from Auður, GKR, Óðmenn, OK Lou and many more.

Unnamed Intro by Auður
I'd Love by Auður
3D by Auður
Both Eyes on You by Auður
Sveitin Milli Sanda by Ellý Vilhjálmsdóttir
Erfitt by GKR
Kyrie by Uni Stefson
Threads by Tay Salem
South America by Auður
Geysi rby Gísli Pálmi
Geri ekki neitt ft. Unnsteinn by Aron Can
Engar myndir by Smjörvi, HRNNR
Leyndarmál by Dátar
Ég vil þig by Óðmenn
Voices by Auður
22 by OK Lou
Milk ft. Myra by NASAYA
Another One by Auður
Út í geim (LIVE) by Birnir
Home by Auður

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6:00 PM18:00

046 - Tapewind #3

In Tapewind's third SVS instalment, Bernt Isak Wærstad and Tore Sandbakk journey through a web of influences centred around Tangerine Dream's '3AM at the border of the Marsh from Okefenokee' including works by Tim Hecker, David Bowie, Terry Riley, master film composer Ennio Morricone among many others

3AM at the border of the Marsh from Okefenokee by Tangerine Dream
Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone
Outlaws soundtrack by Ennio Morricone
e1m1 by DOOM
Warzawa by David Bowie
Cossacks Are by Scott Walker
Sunrise in the Third System by Tangerine Dream
Mladic by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Up Red Bull Creek by Tim Hecker
Be Above It by Tame Impala
Asterisk by M83
Io by Dawn of MIDI
Terry Riley in C by African Express

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