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126 - Oker

FINLAND DAY 2 (29 of 203).jpg

Hailing from Oslo, Oker shares an introspective and highly textural mix of acoustic and electronic tracks - perfect autumn listening. Includes music by Kali Malone, Para, Oker, and more.

Kali Malone - Locus of repetition
Oker - Furer
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - Evening Star
Para - Flekk
Nils Henrik Asheim - 10
Nils Henrik Asheim - 11
Nils Henrik Asheim - 12
Terry Riley - Across the lake of the ancient world
Oker - Utsyn

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124 - Ylva Larsdotter

FINLAND DAY 2 (72 of 181) - webcrop.jpg

Sweden's Ylva Larsdotter joins us with a bright and varied mix of string-oriented works coming from the worlds of classical and folk. Including tracks composed by Kuusisto, Kentala and more.

Rydberg & Idenstam - Bytt Lasses brudmarsch
In Mo Yang - Paganini Caprice no. 20 D major
P. Kuusisto - Kopsin Jonas
Amandine Beyer - Bach BWV 1002 B minor l. Allemanda
Amandine Beyer - Bach BWV 1002 B minor lll. Corrente
T. Näsbom & S. Dube - Vatten
Eliot Fisk - Paganini Caprice no. 6 g minor
Kreeta-Maria Kentala - Valssi Jaanalle / Bach Gigue
Radulovic - Paganini Caprice 11 in C major
P. Kuusisto - Narbolaisten braa speli
Christian Howes - Capriccio 24
Torbjörn Nasbom & Dube - Cello Suite No. 5 in C Minor, BWV 1011: lV Sarabande - Polska a la Bach
Frigg - Kenkkuni & Pikkuni

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122 - Stein Urheim

sq pic.jpg

In SVS 122, guitarist and composer Stein Urheim takes us on a prismatic exploration through varied territories of guitar, Norwegian folk, free jazz, groove and post-experimental classical music. With a upcoming Hubro release fast approaching, this mix features music by Moskus, Kraftwerk, Håkon Stene and Laurence Crane, Benedicte Maurseth as well as a selection of Urheim's original works and collaborations.

Moskus - Rullings 
Ornette Coleman - Sleep Talking 
Shuggie Otis - XL-30 
Kraftwerk - Ananas Symphonie 
Jon Hassel/Jim Keltner - You Think it´s On Now 
Lou Harrison/David Tanenbaum - Avalokiteshvara 
Stein Urheim - Brazilian Breeze 
Benedicte Maurseth - Nordafjells 
Håkon Stene/Laurence Crane - Bobby J 
John Fahey/Jim O´Rourke - Eels 
Ikue Mori/Jim Black/Okkyung Lee/Sylvie Courvoisier - Invisible Hands 
Stein Urheim/Ole Morten Vågan/Hans Hulbækmo/Kåre Opheim - Sound 
Stein Urheim & Mari Kvien Brunvoll - For Now 
Van Dyke Parks - All Golden

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118 - Inga Margrete Aas

FINLAND DAY 4 (44 of 49).jpg

Inga Magrete Aas (of Vilde & Inga, amongst others) brings us a cosmic and soulful mix with sounds from across the spectrum. Includes tracks by Anne Hytta, Fredrik Rasten, Espen Reinertsen, and more.

Kate Tempest - Picture a Vacuum
Fredrik Rasten - Wandering
Danielle Dahl - Liquid body
Anne Hytta - Gorr
Sheriffs of Nothingness - For Deathprod
Jean Philippe Rameau / Les Musiciens du Louvre - Entrée de Polymnie
Espen Reinertsen - Gjensyn med enkelte rim
Martin Rane Bauck / Ole-Martin Huser Olsen - frettet with golden fire
Kate Tempest - Firesmoke

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117 - Christian Winther


Guitarist, songwriter and one half of Listen to Girl, Christian Winther presents an SVS mix fusing his love of indie, post-punk and bossa nova. Featuring music by The Raincoats, Caetano Veloso, Yo La Tengo, Torg, and more.

The Feelies - Fa Cé-La
Nelson Angelo e Joyce – Comunhao
Torg - Palms, Beaches, Dreams 
Listen to Girl - Touchscreen Wisdom
Sam Prekop – Showrooms
Meat Puppets - Up On the Sun 
The Cairo Gang – Hortus
Yo La Tengo - Nuclear War 
Listen to Girl – Birds
Caetano Veloso - Irene 
Torg - Interlude: Drum Battle 2
Laurie Anderson - Sharkey’s Day 
The Raincoats – Lola
Best Coast – Crazy for You
Delish - Eden 
Skrap - Med Kjærlig Hilsen 
Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso - Baby 

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116 - Nakama

Pic choice.jpg

In SVS 116 we proudly present a mix by Nakama: an Oslo-based 5-piece as well as enterprising record label releasing projects that involve at least one Nakama band member. Featuring music by Nakama, Juxtaposition, Christian Meaas Svendsen, 3 Pianos, and more.

Nakama w/Rinzai Zen Center  - Lotus Sutra
Nakama - Shakyamuni Eko
Nakama  - Dharani for the Great Compassionate One
Nakama  - Patriarch Eko
Nakama  - Dharani for the Hungry Ghosts
Nakama  - Hungry Ghost Eko
Christian Meaas Svendsen  - Lotus Sutra
Agnes Hvizdalek - Excerpt from Index
Juxtaposition (Hvizdalek/Nergaard/Tavil/Garner) - Trost
3 Pianos (Tanaka/Lindvall/Wallumrød) - 34
Jinchuuriki (Aase/Waade) - Chau Gongs

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115 - Vuo / TM Shuffle 3

FINLAND DAY 2 (35 of 203).jpg

The always fresh TM Shuffle joins with a perfectly paced and spaced-out live set, recorded at 21 Club earlier this year - not to be missed! Includes tracks from Sirko Muller, Mathimidori, Waage,and TM Shuffle himself.

Anton Kubikov - Planetary Binaural Beats (Echoma)
Sirko Muller - Infinity (Wandering)
Halbton - LFBSMT01 (Outlaw)
Buffered Multiple - Junolized (Pomelo)
Tm Shuffle - Nocturnal Dub (unreleased)
Maurizio - M7 (Maurizio)
T2 - T2 (T2)
Matt Star feat Wigbert - Blubasub (Unreleased records)
Mathimidori - Goya (Rhauder remix) (Ornaments)
Round Two - New Day (Main Street)
Wax - A (Wax)
Tm Shuffle & Monoder - Dub3 (unreleased)
Rhauder feat. Paul St Hilaire - Molekule (Ornaments)
Waage - W5 (X/OZ)
DJ Moonbeam - Distant System (Situ)
Levon Vincent - Baseball (Novel Sound)
Monoder - Tracks Name (Tm Shuffle dub) (Ranges)

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111 - Klossmajor

OSLO-COLOUR-WOLFJAMES (79 of 203)web.jpg

Spring is in full force on this soulful mix from Norway's Klossmajor, overflowing with catchy jazz, soul, and R&B vibes. Including tracks by Moskus, Ravi, Klossmajor and more.

Ravi - Byger Åp
Klossmajor - Phad Thai
Hanna Paulsberg Concept - Hemulen på byn
Klossmajor - Ordinær ide
Cezinando - Tommelen på vekta
Klabbes bank -Dödenlåten
Klossmajor - Pause
Odd Nordstoga - Hallo hallo
deLillos - Glemte minner
Klossmajor - Høst vinter vår
Kaja Gunnufsen - Høst
Masåva - Månen
Moskus - Bibelbeltet
Klossmajor - P
Veronica Maggio - 17 år
Klossmajor - Jeg vil bare ha noen å kose med
Ravi - Slo op

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110 - Isach Skeidsvoll

Isach pic.jpg

Pianist, composer and bandleader Isach Skeidsvoll presents a bustling mix of music in SVS 110, hovering, in equal measure, between free jazz, blues, boogie-woogie and groove. Featuring music by Big Bill Boonzy, Otis Spann, Albert Ayler as well as Oslo-based project Master Oogway and his own group Bear Brother.

Albert Ayler - Spirits rejoice
Big Bill Broonzy - Whiskey & Good Time Blues
Bear Brother (comp. Isach Skeidsvoll) - Saloon song
Bear Brother (comp. Isach Skeidsvoll) - Alcatraz
Otis Spann - Otis In The Dark
David S. Ware Quartet - Ganesh Sound
Albert Ayler - Truth Is Marching in
Albert Ayler - Goin home
Master Oogway - Eddapliks part.3
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Bye Bye Baby

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109 - Henrik Sanne Kristensen

Henrik pic.jpg

With Brighton's Great Escape Festival fast approaching, Head of 'Music Norway' UK Office - aka Henrik Sanne Kristensen - presents a string of new Norwegian tracks peppered with some personal favourites as well as artists featuring at the festival. Including music by Broen, Building Instrument, Torg, Marja Mortensson, and more.

Jenny Berger Myhre – Når det renner over
Espen T. Hangård – Atlas reconfiguration
Bendik Giske – Through
Benjamin Mørk – Resignasjon no. iii
Niilas – Snøblind
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Sakura
Broen – <3
Torg – Let me know everything
1982, BJ Cole – 02:57
Staer – Neukölln
Svarte Greiner – Revival
Marja Mortensson – Johan A. Persson
Evigheten – Turbulensen
Building Instrument – Lanke
Torgeir Vassvik – Naturoid / Arpá

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108 - Natalie Sandtorv

Natalie pic.jpg

Fresh out of the studio as well as a sold out hometown (Ålesund) performance, Natalie Sandtorv joins SVS with her inaugural mix steeped in smoke and soul. Featuring artists including Hans P og Rasmus Kjorstad, Little Dragon, Alice Coltrane, and more.


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107 - Louien


Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad
Cover: Aurora Solberg/Levi Bergquist

SVS is excited to present Oslo-based singer-songwriter Louien! Infused with a distinct blend of country and folk, as well as her recently released debut single 'Be Forgiven', Louien's mix promises to carry listeners into the vast and wistful realms of wandering Americana. Featuring artists including the Staves, Kacey Musgraves, Silver Lining, Darling West and more.

Silver Lining – Dying to Tell You
Portishead – It’s a Fire
Led Zeppelin – Tangerine
The Staves, yMusic – Hopeless
Wings – I’m Carrying
Louien - Be Forgiven
Neil Young – Harvest
Darling West – Traveller
Silver Lining – Heart and Mind Alike
Aldous Harding – Stop Your Tears
Erin Rae – June Bug
Beck – Guess I’m Doing Fine
Joni Mitchell – Blonde in the Bleachers
Tank and the Bangas – I’ll Be Seeing You
Marit Larsen – A Stranger Song
Kacey Musgraves - Rainbow
Thurston Moore – Benediction
Alison Krauss & Union Station – The Lucky One (Live)

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106 - BirdWorld #2


BirdWorld returns to SVS on the eve of releasing their debut record at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters with another inventive mix made up of disparate global influences. Featuring artists including Chynna, Billy Meier, Delish, Grupo Changüí, Paper Dollhouse and more.

Nhạc Sống Diệp Chi - Hòa Tấu Phòng Trà (w/BW and Citizen Kane overdub)
Rufus Thomas - Bear cat (squeal)
Rival Consoles - I Think So
BBC - Shipping forecast 1993
Thee Headcoats - Davey Crocket
The Beatles - Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey
Propan - Pompel and pilt
Makaya McCraven - Tell Tales
Bernard Hermann - 'Gotta get in shape' from Taxi Driver
Bibio - Curls
Mieczysław Weinberg - Russian 'Winnie the Pooh' (extract)
Teebs - Mapito
Henry Purcell - Ode for St Cecilia’s Day
Michael Nyman - Leave chasing sheep to shepherds
Building Instrument - Vil du dit nok
Buffalo Springfield - For What it’s worth (extract)
Alan Dawson - Rudimental ritual
Stein Urheim - Kosmoloda
Angela Morley and Malcolm Williamson - Bright Eyes extract from Watership Down
Paul Dukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (extract)
August Greene - Aya
Erik Wøllo - Infinite moments part 4 (extract) w/The Master and Margarita extract overdub
Paper Dollhouse - Haze
Guang Pinghu - Eaux qui coulent
BirdWorld (feat. Ilaria Capponi) - Omaggio alla Belezza
Department of Eagles - Practice Room Sketch 2
Rod Stewart - Maggie May (intro)
Chynna - iddd w/Trond Stavseng overdub
Delish - Eden
Ambrose Akinmusire - Particle/Spectra
Billy Meier - Semjase’s cry
Jean François Heckel - Interview extract from Man on Wire
Grupo Changüí - Así Es el Changüí

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102 - M422

FINLAND DAY 1 (19 of 141).jpg

Copenhagen's M422 brings a mix purpose-built for deep winter listening - cinematic and arching, sometimes menacing, always gorgeous. Featuring tracks by Qloo, Martin Stig Andersen, Ljudvägg, and M422 himself.

Grouper - Made of Metal
Raime - Exist in the Repeat of Practice
Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow - The Alien
Lisa Gerrard - Pai’s Theme
Efterklang - Doppelgänger
Julianna Barwick - Forever
Port St. Willow - Orphan
Tomonari Nozaki/UNKNOWN - rouge&rouge
Health - Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak remix)
Qloo - Oh
M422 - PM+QV
Martin Stig Andersen - shockwave
Ben Frost - Eurydice's Heel
Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow - The Alien (excerpt)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Existence in the Unfurling
Nils Frahm - Four Hands
Ljudvägg - Hem

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100 - Espen Reinertsen #2

Sq image.jpg

SVS proudly welcomes you into 2019 with our 100th mix! Following his SVS hosted Rich Mix London performance last month, Espen Reinertsen returns with a whole new palette of sounds. Featuring music by Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, Oker, Smerz, Streifenjunko and more.

Ingfrid Breie Nyhus - Kivlemøyane (springar)
Oker – Furer
Brutter  – Mi Tek No
Jlin  – I Am The Queen
Smerz  – Worth It
Cory Smythe  - Ladies Load the Telegraph
Håvard Volden - VIII
Jessica Sligter  - The Endless End
Streifenjunko  - Like Driving
Pip – Fly

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094 - Terje Ekrene Vik (Sheep Chase Records)


In SVS 094, Sheep Chase Records founder, aka Terje Ekrene Vik, presents a bracing mix of recent releases from artists on the label alongside other heavily aired tracks from their Oslo headquarters. This autumn is proving to be a busy patch with numerous events in the pipeline including the Outer Limit Lotus release party at Blå this Thursday. Featuring music by Dark Times, Mokri, André Borgen, Moon Relay, and more.

Outer Limit Lotus - Everything Ends Too Soon
Dark Times - Take It In
Milk Music - Twists & Turns & Headtrips
André Borgen - Couldn’t Care Less
The Wedding Present - My Favorite Dress
Bichkraft - George
Moon Relay - #`´`´`´/
Mokri - Oscilllating Bodies
Mokri - Accidents at Will
Nadah El Shazly - Palmyra
Outer Limit Lotus - Craters JT Egseth Extended Remix
André Borgen - Not a Revelation After All
Psychic TV - Farewell

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093 - Galya Bisengalieva

Galya pic.jpg

In SVS 093, we delve into the soundscapes of intrepid violinist Galya Bisengalieva who presents a distinct array of music spanning ambient electronic, experimental and groove. Reflecting collaborations and influences heard in her upcoming EP release on NOMAD, this mix promises to be a worthy weekend listen in the company of a good sound system! Featuring music by Toxe, Jlin, Anne Hytte, as well as original music by Galya, and more.

Kaija Saariaho  - Six Japanese Gardens: No.1 Tenju-an Garden of Nanzen-ji Temple
Galya Bisengalieva  - Tulpar
Sigur Rós - 64º46'34.1"N 14º02'55.8"W
Mika Vainio & Frank Vigroux - Brume
Toxe - Big Age
Arne Nordheim  - Pace
Actress, Galya Bisengalieva and Sam Wilson  - Galya Beat
Anne Hytta  - Ved àrinn
Claire M Singer - Ceò
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch  - Tulsi
Jlin - Nyakinyua Rise
Kaija Saariaho - Six Japanese Gardens: No. 3 Dry Mountain Stream

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090 - Satoi


Helsinki-based Satoi (Tuukka Jääskeläinen) joins us for an incredibly special set. Satoi melds experimental techno and lush ambient, landing somewhere otherworldly and altogether new. In the mix he shares fresh, unreleased material as well as tracks and influences from both his albums.

Satoi - Deeprs
Koila - Monday Shift (Satoi re-shift)
Noise Trees - Binds (Satoi remix)
Satoi - Hiljae
Karski Satoi - Ontot Miehet (Satoi reinterpretation)
Satoi - Hengen
Satoi - Evocin
Satoi - Henrys

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089 - Liam Byrne

ICELAND web(73 of 327).jpg

Bedroom Community member Liam Byrne joins SVS for a contemplative and texturally rich set full of strings and electronics. Features tracks by Valgeir Sigurðsson, Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir and more.

Philip Glass (James McVinnie, organ) - Etoile Polaire
Valgeir Sigurðsson (Nordic Affect) - Raindamage
Benjamin Britten (Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir, cello) - Cello Suite No. 1, Op. 72: Canto Terzo & Bordone
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - Won’t Be a Thing to Become
Donnacha Dennehy (Kate Ellis) - Aisling Gheal
Alex Mills (Liam Byrne, viol) - Suspensions & Solutions pt. 2
Okkyung Lee - Hollow water
Sam Slater - Blade for a Double Edged Sword
Ustad Sultan Khan - Raag Bhairavi
Cleek Schrey - Reel (traditional)
Philip Glass (James McVinnie, organ) - Vessels

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088 - Claire M Singer #2/Organ Reframed

Claire 2 sq.jpg

In SVS 088, Claire M Singer returns with a sinuous melding of electronic colours on the eve of her self-directed festival (Organ Reframed) at Union Chapel in London. Including works by Hildur Guðnadóttir, Sarah Davachi, Darkstar, Philip Jeck and Éliane Radigue, who's music will feature at these events next weekend.

Hildur Guðnadóttir - Elevation
Sarah Davachi - Third Hour
Darkstar - Hold Me Down
Philip Jeck - Called Again
Éliane Radigue - Occam Delta II
Hildur Guðnadóttir - Erupting Light

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086 - Ana Silvera

unnamed (5).jpg

Splitting her time between her hometown, London and Copenhagen, singer-songwriter and composer Ana Silvera presents a layered mix of influences in SVS 086 including music by Tigran Hamasyan, Phronesis, Olivia Chaney as well as her own music. 

Silvia Perez Cruz - Iglesias
Alan Hampton - Every Living Part
Native Dancer - Big Blue
Eric Chenaux - Spring Has Been A Long Time Coming
Snowpoet - It’s Already Better Than OK
Phronesis - Stillness
Arvo Part (Paavo Järvi & Estonian National Symphony Orchestra) - Summa
Ana Silvera - Catherine Wheels (The Acceptance)
Nick Drake - River Man
Tigran Hamasyan - The Court Jester
Olivia Chaney - Roman Holiday
Silvio Rodrigues - Mujeres
Lisa Knapp - Ploughboy’s Glory
Danish String Quartet - Ack Värmeland Du Sköna

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084 - TmShuffle / Vuo Records #2


Finland's own TmShuffle (Vuo Records) returns to SVS with a straight fire mix of technohouse from Scandinavia and beyond. Includes tracks from TmShuffle himself, Ohm & Octal Industries, Kevin Arnemann, and maybe even some surprises...

Fluxion - Versal
Hieronymus - Marble Eggs
Area - Vicious Like a Koala
Leonel Castillo - 1974
Ohm & Octal Industries - Snotra
Sascha Dive - Vibrating Sphere
Freund Der Familie - Monday (Marko Furstenberg remix)
Kevin Arnemann - NxNW
Tm Shuffle - Warehouse
Ben Klock - Grasp
Wax - 30003 B
Alex Falk - Dab
Alex.Do -Rerun
Shuffless - Red Dwarf

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083 - Marie Munroe

Marie Monroe.jpg

Renowned Norwegian vocalist and songwriter Marie Munroe presents a dreamy and offbeat mix of alternative pop spanning artists from North America, the UK and Scandinavia in equal measure. Including music by Efterklang, Little Dragon, Band of Gold, Nick Cave among many others.

Efterklang - Sedna
The Roches - Hammond Song
Brian Eno, John Cale - Spinning Away
Bryan Ferry - I’m in the mood for Love
Vincent Gallo - I Wrote this song for the Girl Paris Hilton
Bat for Lashes - I’m on Fire
Owen Pallett - E is for Estranged
Vashti Bunyan - Same But Different
Danger Mouse - Revenge (feat. The Flaming Lips) 
Little Dragon- Feather
Carla Morrison - Un Beso
Band of Gold - Ready
Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds - We Know Who U R
Skriet - Ignoramus et Ignorabimus
Red House Painters - Katy Song
Damien Jurado - Rachel + Cali
Cocteau Twins - Cherry Coloured Funk
Lavender Diamond - I Don’t Recall
John Maus - Hey Moon

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081 - Henriette H. Eilertsen

H mix.jpg

Oslo-based flautist Henriette H. Eilertsen presents the perfect mix for weekend listening as we continue to endure this long and hot summer! Including music by the multifaceted South African pop band John Wizards, Swedish flautist/composer Björn Jason Lindh, Malian singer Oumou Sangaré as well as some of Henriette's original projects.

Jethro Tull - Forest Dance No 1
Billy Meier - The Journey
Building Instrument (feat. Mari Kvien Brunvoll) - Bli Med
Billy Meier - Billy Phone Home
John Wizards - Leuk
Björn Jason Lindh - Billathi Askara
Nils Berg Cinemascope - Pashto Love
Kakapoi - Jungle
John Wizards - Mulzenberg
Skadedyr - Kongekrabbe
Henriette og Jo David - Aluminium
Oumou Sangaré - Kayini Wura
Björn Jason Lindh - Boathouse Club
aeaoea - Ridder

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5:30 PM17:30

080 - Frank Michaelsen

OSLO-COLOUR-WOLFJAMESweb (43 of 203).jpg

For our 80th instalment, Frank Michaelsen from Oslo group The Switch takes us on a sun-bleached walk through his favorite 60's and 70's music -- from Norway, Sweden, England, America and Brazil. Including music by Ole & Silje Huleboer, Skaran, The Switch and more.

Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold of The Sun
Popol Vuh - Milk White Satin Dressed Departure
The Switch - Don´t Go To Revolver
Ole & Silje Huleboer - True Beauty Lies Within
Erik Bye - Jeg Vet En Vind
The Mamas And The Papas - Sharp Shooter
Colin Blunstone - Say You Don't Mind
Difference - Lady Universe
Skaran - Hoppa Kajak
The Rutles - Cheese And Onions
Lô Borges - O Trem Azul
Les Paul and Mary Ford - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Paul Simon - Night Game

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2:00 PM14:00

078 - Hans Martin Austestad


In SVS 078, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Hans Martin Austestad ties numerous strands of folk-inspired music from both sides of the Atlantic as reflected in his original projects Austestad and Earlybird Stringband. Featuring John Hartford, Levor Laa, Ry Cooder and more, as well as Hans Martin's own music.

John Hartford - Steamboat Whistle Blues
Earlybird Stringband - Den Fyrste Gongen Eg Såg Deg
Levor Laa - Dagalihunkerten
Ry Cooder - My Old Kentucky Home
Slinkombas - Nils og Jens og Geidhaug Slåttestev og Gangar frå Setesdal
Earlybird Stringband - Springar
Charm City Junction - Two o' Clock in the morning
Lady Hardanger (Duo) - Grand Isle
Critton Hollow Stringband - Bonapart's Retreat
Sudan Dudan - Kråka
Väsen - Salbohedsvalsen
Haldor Røyne - Springar etter Kristiane Lund
Bigfoot - I've got a Bulldog
Sinikka Langeland - Jacob's Dream
Chris Coole - Wild Boar
Slagr - Lyngdalen
Earlybird Stringband - To Reinlendere

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8:30 AM08:30

077 - Torkjell Hovland - Silence


In SVS 077, Torkjell Hovland ponders silence in music while carrying us through a range of musical silences from Sondre Bratland, Jürg Frey, Olivier Messiaen, Valentyn Silvestrov and more.

Sondre Bratland & Javed Bashir - Jesus, gjør meg stille (trad.) [excerpt] 
Stefano Scodanibbio, Quartetto Prometeo - Contrapunctus I
Ensemble Stille - June '17 II
Jürg Frey, Quator Bozzini - String Quartet No. 3
Inger-Lise Ulsrud - Le Banquet Céleste
Jürg Frey (pn. Dante Boon) - Sam Lazaros Bros
Kiev Chamber Choir & Mykola Hobdych - Liturgical Chants (2005): Litany
Ensemble Stille - June '17 IIII

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074 - Ivar Myrset Asheim


In SVS 074, Oslo-based drummer and member of exciting new super skilled space jazz group 'Billy Meier', Ivar Myrset Asheim takes us on a journey through inventive, other-worldly and psychedelic jazz on the eve of their 14th June performance at MIR. Including music by The Young Mothers, Espen Reinertsen, Miles Davis as well as Ivar's original projects Billy Meier and Pangpang.

Billy Meier - The Truth
Billy Meier - Eduardo's Tears
Billy Meier - The Journey
Billy Meier - Erra Nightclub
Espen Reinertsen - Tilpasninger hos prestekrage
The Young Mothers - Mole
Trond Kallevåg Hansen Trio - Distant Lands
Trond Kallevåg Hansen Trio - In stars (part 1) 
Trond Kallevåg Hansen Trio - Impro 1
Skadedyr - Muggen Loop
Nils Berg - Domino Gold
Pangpang - Casu Marzu
Pangpang - Osim
Pangpang - Mexican Standoff
Jakob Bro - Evening Song
Miles Davis - Little Church

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073 - Sara Övinge


In SVS 073, Swedish violinist Sara Övinge conjures up magic with a vibrant mix of modern composition and experimental tracks - essential late night listening. Including works from Øyvind Mathisen, Mette Henriette, Yann Tiersen and many more.

Yann Tiersen - Sur le fil (Live) 
Astor Piazzolla with Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica - Invierno Porteno
Mette Henriette - Late à la carte
Tigran Hamasyan - The cave of rebirth
Simon Övinge - Amsterdam
Egberto Gismonti - Àgua e vinho
Steve Reich with the Kronos quartet - Different trains: III. After the war
Øyvind Mathisen - Blank #1
Øyvind Mathisen - Surrender
Kurt Atterberg with Bjarte Engeseth, Henning Kraggerud, and Dalasinfoniettan - Suite no.3 1st movement
Salvatore Sciarrino with Ensemble Ernst - ...Da un divertimento: II Veloce
Olivier Messiaen with Chamber Music Northwest - Quartet for the end of time: Praise to the immortality of Jesus

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11:00 AM11:00

072 - Nina Mortvedt/Band of Gold


In this aptly summery SVS mix (072), singer/composer/improviser Nina Mortvedt blends the worlds of guitar driven Americana-infused indie rock alongside synth-pop, an emblematic Norwegian choral work as well as her own group Band of Gold. Featuring music by Susanne Sundfør, Edvard Grieg, Dungen, Wilco and more.

Alexander - Truth
Susanne Sundfør - Slowly
Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk
Prince - Take Me With U
Queens of the Stone Age - If I had a Tail
Wilco - Jesus, etc
Dungen - Du E För Fin För Mig
Band of Gold - I could spot you at a hundred miles
Band of Gold - Where's the Magic
Band of Gold - Well who am I
Edvard Grieg (sung by Sølvguttene) - Våren
Kavinsky - Nightcall
Tom Waits - Martha
Nick Drake - Saturday Sun

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