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001 - Karl Nyberg

SVS Radio kicks off in style with Swedish saxophonist Karl Nyberg. Join him as he takes us on some far-reaching jazz explorations, including tracks from Left Exit, Mr K, Megalodon Collective, and more.

Stockholm – Titta Jag Flyger
NightmanCometh – Titta Jag Flyger
Narval – Megalodon Collective
MU – Megalodon Collective
Moondogs Dogmoon – Megalodon Collective
Marijuana – Titta Jag Flyger
CollagePunk – Titta Jag Flyger Waves, Lines and White Light – Left Exit, Mr K
ClairePiano – Titta Jag Flyger
Cigarettes and Pay-Per-View – Left Exit, Mr K
Aluminium (and other sources of wealth) – Left Exit, Mr K
Aloft – Abaft the Beam
Taque d’Art – Bonemachine
All Out (All In) – Bonemachine