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008 - Lucy Railton

Join us for Lucy Railton's razor-sharp session of experimental sounds from the electronic and contemporary modern sphere, including tracks from Pauline Oliveros, Henning Christiansen, Pain Jerk, Sidesel Endresen, Surgeon and many more.

Music for Solo Performer by Pauline Oliveros / Alvin Lucier
String Quartet No.3; Unhörbare Zeit by Jürg Frey
6 Capricci - 3. Assai Agitato by Sciarrino
Aufheben by Pain Jerk
Labryinths & Jokes by Aaron Dilloway
Pleiades: 1. Metaux by Xenakis
syv circkler by Else Marie Pade
#3 & #4 from Radio Regn by Isak Eldh, Lotta Antonsson, Pamela Jaskoviak
Crossing the Sands (extract) by Pauline Oliveros
Sounds Beyond (extract) by Harry Bertoia
HA1! 2012 by Sidsel Endresen & Humcrush
Septimal Rite (extract) by Kali Malone
Answer Me (extract) by Singers in Tirana, Albania
Requiem of Art fluxorum organum II Opus 50 by Henning Christiansen
Screw the Roses by Surgeon

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