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027 - Kosekrølla (Gregor Riddell) - 'Rose-Tinted'

In SVS 027, co-founder Kosekrølla (Gregor Riddell) presents a kaleidoscopic blend of nostalgic, rose-tinted musical sound worlds including music by PJ Harvey, Ravel, Actress, Simon Steen-Andersen, Shed, Evert Taube and many more...

Battle Trance (comp. Travis Laplante) - Extract from Palace of Wind II mvt
Sufjan Stevens/P J Harvey (arr. Riddell) - Extract from Drawn to the Blood
Maurice Ravel (pn Walter Gieseking) - Gaspard De La Nuit: Ondine
Ultravox - Alles Klar
Gyorgy Ligeti - 2nd String Quartet 4th mvt extract
The Mellomen - Home Sweet Home (as heard in Lady and the Tramp) 
J.O. Araba and his Rhythm Blues - Olowufuja Sawa
Diana Ross - Reversed Upside Down
Stefan Schneider - Aufglühen
Bent Sørensen - March from 31 Fractal Pieces
Actress - Visa
Simon Steen-Andersen - Pretty Sound (Up And Down) 
Bunker Funk - Liquid Desert
Battle Trance (comp. Travis Laplante) - Extract from Palace of Wind I mvt
Rolling Stones - Let It Loose
Johnny Mercer - Whistle Stop opening theme of Disney's Robin Hood
Roy Orbison/Rolling Stones (arr. Riddell) - Here Comes the Rain, Baby/Happy collage
Shed - System Azac (plus Einstein quote!) 
Stefan Ringer - Boassa Grv
Bunker Funk - Heavy Cathedral
Evert Taube - Här Är Den Sköna Sommar
Radiophonic Workshop Team - Bill and Ben theme
Gregor Riddell - One Minute KaleidoDylan
Athenian Trio - Ti Ein' Afto Pou To Lene Agapi
I K Dairo & his Blue Spots - Bonfo
Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer - Singin' the Blues
Beatles/Rita Marley (arr. Riddell) - Girl/Bring It Up collage
Damana (Dag Magnus Narvesen) - For J.R.M. 
P J Harvey - The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Jean Sibelius (Torlief Thedéen - 'cello, Folke Gräsbeck - piano) - 2 Pieces, Op. 77: II. Devotion (Ab Imo Pectore) 
Sarah Davachi - Ruislip

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