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027 - "Rose-Tinted" Kosekrølla/Gregor Riddell

In SVS 027, co-founder Gregor Riddell/Kosekrølla presents a kaleidoscopic blend of nostalgic, rose-tinted musical sound worlds including music by PJ Harvey, Ravel, Actress, Simon Steen-Andersen, Shed, Evert Taube and many more...

Extract from Palace of Wind II mvt by Battle Trance (comp. Travis Laplante)
Extract from Drawn to the Blood by Sufjan Stevens/P J Harvey (arr. Riddell)
Gaspard De La Nuit: Ondine by Maurice Ravel (pn Walter Gieseking)
Alles Klar by Ultravox
2nd String Quartet 4th mvt extract by Gyorgy Ligeti
Home Sweet Home (as heard in Lady and the Tramp) by The Mellomen
Olowufuja Sawa by J.O. Araba and his Rhythm Blues
Reversed Upside Down by Diana Ross
Aufglühen by Stefan Schneider
March from 31 Fractal Pieces by Bent Sørensen
Visa by Actress
Pretty Sound (Up And Down) by Simon Steen-Andersen
Liquid Desert by Bunker Funk
Extract from Palace of Wind I mvt by Battle Trance (comp. Travis Laplante)
Let It Loose by the Rolling Stones
Whistle Stop opening theme of Disney's Robin Hood by Johnny Mercer
Here Comes the Rain, Baby/Happy collage by Roy Orbison/Rolling Stones (arr. Riddell)
System Azac (plus Einstein quote!) by Shed
Boassa Grv by Stefan Ringer
Heavy Cathedral by Bunker Funk
Här Är Den Sköna Sommar by Evert Taube
Bill and Ben theme by Radiophonic Workshop Team
One Minute KaleidoDylan by Gregor Riddell
Ti Ein' Afto Pou To Lene Agapi by Athenian Trio
Bonfo by I K Dairo & his Blue Spots
Singin' the Blues by Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer
Girl/Bring It Up collage by Beatles/Rita Marley (arr. Riddell)
For J.R.M. by Damana (Dag Magnus Narvesen)
The Desperate Kingdom of Love by P J Harvey
2 Pieces, Op. 77: II. Devotion (Ab Imo Pectore) by Jean Sibelius (Torlief Thedéen - 'cello, Folke Gräsbeck - piano)
Ruislip by Sarah Davachi

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