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095 - Kosekrølla (Gregor Riddell) - 'Reverence'


In his latest SVS effort, ‘Reverence’, Kosekrølla (Gregor Riddell) takes his hat off to fellow musicians. In an aural landscape somewhere in between surreal dreamscapes, concentrated rhythmic exclamations and left-field textures for those with low concentration spans, this mix certainly promises to take you on a luscious and winding road of discovery. Featuring artists including Palta, Sanskriti Shrestha, Streifenjunko, Alvin Lucier, and more.

Carol Ann Duffy - Valentine (recited by Kosekrølla)
Leverton Fox - Rice
Quasimoto - Bad Character (intro)
Madeleine Peyroux - La Vie en rose
Gregor Riddell (played by Solstice Quartet) - Touch-In, Touch-Out extract (w/Per Inge Torkelsen overdub)
Stravinsky (LSO/Berstein) - Rite of Spring extract
Nuhawa Duombia - Kungo Sugoni
Streifenjunko - Astronaut peace (w/Torbjørn Egner overdub)
Carlo Gesualdo - Languisce al fin chi da la vita parta
Led Zepplin - Misty Mountain Hop
Langham Research Centre - Quasar melodics (Jim O’rourke Remix)
Jam Money - Thimble Theatre
Sanskriti Shrestha/Avatar - Kula
Mahmoud Guinia - T2
Khruangbin - August 10
Phil Niblock - Bells and Timps
Palta - Tabt Optagelse
Tirzah - Holding On
Lyn Murray - Extract from Hitchcock's 'To Catch a Thief'
Alvin Lucier (played by Ensemble Neon) - 2 Circles
Mad Lib - Distant Land
Richard Wagner - Lohengrin Prelude
WITCH - Like a Chicken
Matthias Puech - Talausblick vom hohlichtpass
Oliver Wallace - Extract from Disney's 'Cinderella'
Qasim Naqvi - Aligned
T. Rex - Rip Off (extract )
Bombino - Ahulakamine Hulan
Sam Slater - Love n Stuff (extract)

Later Event: November 21
096 - 52°N - #10