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095 - "Reverence" Kosekrølla/Gregor Riddell


In his latest SVS (095) effort “Reverence", Kosekrølla (aka Gregor Riddell) takes his hat off to fellow musicians. In an aural landscape somewhere in between surreal dreamscapes, concentrated rhythmic exclamations and left-field textures for those with low concentration spans, this mix certainly promises to take you on a luscious and winding road of discovery. Featuring artists including Palta, Sanskriti Shrestha, Streifenjunko, Alvin Lucier, and more.

Valentine (recited by Kosekrølla) by Carol Ann Duffy
Rice by Leverton Fox
Bad Character intro by Quasimoto
La Vie en rose by Madeleine Peyroux
Touch-In, Touch-Out extract (w/Per Inge Torkelsen overdub) by Gregor Riddell (played by Solstice Quartet)
Rite of Spring extract by Stravinsky (LSO/Berstein)
Kungo Sugoni by Nuhawa Duombia
Astronaut peace (w/Torbjørn Egner overdub) by Streifenjunko
Languisce al fin chi da la vita parta by Carlo Gesualdo
Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zepplin
Quasar melodics (Jim O’rourke Remix) by Langham Research Centre
Thimble Theatre by Jam Money
Kula by Sanskriti Shrestha/Avatar
T2 by Mahmoud Guinia
August 10 by Khruangbin
Bells and Timps by Phil Niblock
Tabt Optagelse by Palta
Holding On by Tirzah
Extract from Hitchcock's 'To Catch a Thief' by Lyn Murray
2 Circles by Alvin Lucier (played by Ensemble Neon)
Distant Land by Mad Lib
Lohengrin Prelude by Richard Wagner
Like a Chicken by WITCH
Talausblick vom hohlichtpass by Matthias Puech
Extract from Disney's 'Cinderella' by Oliver Wallace
Aligned by Qasim Naqvi
Rip Off extract by T. Rex
Ahulakamine Hulan by Bombino
Love n Stuff extract by Sam Slater

Later Event: November 21
096 - 52°N - #10