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059 - KGB

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KGB is a new Oslo-based improvising trio made up of Karl Nyberg (saxophone), Gregor Riddell (cello) and Bernt Isak Wærstad (guitar/electronics). In SVS 059 they present three 15 minute mixes by each member spanning jazz, electronic, world and experimental music plus extracts of KGB performing live at the Vortex (London) and in the studio. Featuring tracks by Xavier, Gilles Peterson, Nervous Cop, Tim Hecker, Dawn of Midi and more.

Karl's mix
Invisible by Xavier Charles
Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston
Portfino by Raymond Scott
Side A by Mats Gustafsson
Rice Precipitation by Nervous Cop
Untitled 1 by Toshimaru Nakamura & Tetusy Akiyama
Massas in the Cold Cold Ground by Bill Orcutt

First Cut by KGB

Gregor's mix
Burntwood by Deathprod
New Time by Blackwood
Farewell Dolly by Esperanza Spalding
Harmony in Blue (Pt. 2) by Tim Hecker
O Que Você Sabe by Sonzeira/Gilles Peterson
Rainy Night by Sinn Sisamout
LCO film commission by BirdWorld
Great White Shark by Big Thief
Quadripoints/You Hedonic (extracts) by Lee Gamble
I’m putting all my eggs in one basket by The Boswell Sisters

Live at the Vortex (excerpt) by KGB

Bernt's mix
Io by Dawn of Midi
Batcat by Mogwai
Sinope by Dawn of Midi
Days of Rage by Salvatore
Atlas by Dawn of Midi
Ambasel by Trondheim World Music Ensemble